Canon of Ethics

First: A Member shall respect and comply with all laws governing the vessel documentation profession.

Second: A Member shall keep the Member's word in providing vessel documentation services.

Third: A Member shall keep his or her clients well informed of the progress of their matters.

Fourth: A Member shall strive for efficiency and accuracy in the performance of vessel documentation services.

Fifth: A Member shall keep abreast of developments in the vessel documentation profession.

Sixth: A Member shall only give advice and provide services in areas of competence.

Seventh: A Member shall treat all participants in a transaction with respect and dignity.

Eight: A Member shall avoid any transaction involving fraud, misrepresentation or unethical conduct.

Ninth: A Member shall share with fellow Members the lessons of his or her experience and study.

Tenth: A Member shall exemplify and strive to instill in others the tenets of these Canons of Ethics.